• Inge Sengelmann

"Expand Embodied Capacity" Group Starts January 28

The 2022 survey results are in, and more than two-thirds of respondents voted for me to offer an embodiment group for women I am calling "Expand Embodied Capacity: A Community of Care for Women." We will meet every Friday morning from 9:00 am to 10:30 am starting on January 28th and ending on March 4th. You can book online today!

What is embodiment? My definition of embodiment is when the mind is fully in the body, in the present moment, aware of sensations and emotions as well as movement impulses. This type of awareness is known as interoception, proprioception and kinesthesis. Under stress, we disconnect -- from ourselves, from each other, and from the world around us. We get caught up in a web of thoughts and images of the past or the future, losing sight of how these internal "movies" are impacting our physiology. The chronic constriction of body and breath eventually leads to discomfort, in the form of chronic pain, and disease.

Together, we will explore the ways in which we somaticize the experiences we avoid, and learn to reverse the patterns so we can metabolize the physiological arousal of stress and return to ease and flow. Each week, we will practice skills together and share in a supportive community of women. We will move through phases of the nervous system to expand our physiological capacity to rebound from high arousal, and to be able to contain high energy without suppressing unpleasant experiences. The goal of self-regulation is not relaxation; it's the capacity to naturally move from states of fight/flight/freeze/fawn and to return to the playful curiosity that potentiates flow states and pleasant social engagement.

Week 1: Orientating and Resources

Week 2: Grounding and Containment

Week 3: High-energy states of play and pleasure

Week 4: High-energy states of anger and fear, fight and flight

Week 5: Low-energy states of sadness/helplessness, fawning

Week 6: Balanced states of healthy pleasure and social engagement

While the above sequence might change depending on the group's organic needs, you get an idea of what we will be working with. We will incorporate mindful observation, movement and journaling. Please email me if you have any questions or book online to reserve your spot. Befriend your body and learn what treasures are found therein.

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