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2022: An Epic Year of Accelerated Transformation

The last two years have brought us one collective challenge after another – from a pandemic that doesn’t seem to reach its end, political and civic unrest driven by polarization and extremist ideologies, random and senseless gun violence, and catastrophic weather events making a global climate emergency a present-day reality.

Is anyone tired of being “resilient” (the art of bouncing back from disasters)?

Self-care has become a multi-billion-dollar industry capitalizing on our exhaustion. None of this is sustainable, and it’s calling us to a collective awakening to the needs of our communities and our planet.

These realities expose how ideologies of supremacy, exploitation, and domination (patriarchy and white supremacy in particular) have permeated our socio-political systems and failed humanity. The way of dominance, oppression and exploitation of lives and natural resources are killing us, literally and figuratively. We must accelerate a transformation in consciousness—one that honors the principle of interdependence—to save ourselves. In the words of bell hooks, groundbreaking feminist, author and social activist who died in 2021, "the most basic activism we can have in our lives is to live consciously in a nation living in fantasies. Living consciously is living with a core of healthy self-esteem. You will face reality; you will not delude yourself."

There is no room for spiritual bypassing or selective apathy. This is not the time to bury our heads in the sand. We must face reality and not delude ourselves, but we must do so in a way that doesn’t render us hopeless and helpless. We must be able to tap into our courage, self-confidence, willingness, determination, as well as kindness, fierce love, and wisdom-tempered compassion. We need the power of Durga, Sophia, Freyja, Oshun, Hathor, Aphrodite and all the goddesses of various traditions to accomplish this task.

This momentous responsibility also requires moving beyond a philosophy self-care, where the burden is on the individual, and into “communities of care” where healing happens through mutual aid and support. Love must be the prevailing force that heals the growing cruelty, savagery and brutality expressed in current society. In hook’s 1999 classic All About Love she wrote “rarely, if ever, are any of us healed in isolation. Healing is an act of communion.” Whether these communities are spiritual, professional, therapeutic, or mutual aid societies, find one that suits your needs.

In that spirit, while I am still on sabbatical through the second half of 2022, I am redirecting my professional endeavors going forward to focus on creating “communities of care.” My goal is to establish theme-focused communities where we are all equal seekers and there are no hierarchies. While I may provide the context and teach what I have practiced and learned over the last three decades or so, my intention is to honor the creative intelligence and wisdom inherent in each person as it wants to express itself in the holding of a safe container.

Let’s teach and support each other, honoring our interdependence. Let’s heal in communion with one another. Our inner brilliance is what will change the world outside of us. In the embrace of community, each of us –through our unique gifts – can create ripples of resilience that collectively can become a tsunami of healing and radical transformation. Connectedness comes first.

2022 Offerings

Even while on sabbatical, I continue to support the trauma-healing work of somatic experiencing and other body-based modalities based on the polyvagal theory of the nervous system by offering individual case consultations to psychotherapists, bodyworkers, and yoga teachers. You may book online on my website.

I would like to ask that you take this survey to let me know if you are intrigued in any of the following ideas for “communities of care” that I would launch in the summer, fall or winter of this year based on your interest. Please be selective and don’t just “click all.” I’d like an honest assessment to guide my efforts. Also note your days and times of preference.

All of these programs would be held on Zoom, be 90-120 minutes in length, and incorporate movement, breathwork, relaxation, creative expression, and meditation in some form in order to bridge the gap between conscious, subconscious and unconscious resources.

Ancestral Honoring & Healing – a 9-week session series for women to collectively heal the wounds of our ancestors and, most importantly, reclaim the unique gifts and resources that were lost. Together, we will commit to become healed ancestors to future generations by embodying the wisdom of our ancestors in our bones, tissues, heartbeat, breath, and wise minds.

Awakening the Feminine – a 9-week session for women to explore ways in which patriarchy has shaped us and learn to awaken the feminine powers of intuition, collaboration, compassion, inclusivity, equity, and creativity. This group provides a womb for your creative ideas to gestate and support to birth them.

Cultivating Change through Creative Choice – a 6-week session process for women to empower themselves, to trust their inner wisdom, and to cultivate the determination to fulfill their passions with courage and self-confidence. Awareness of true desires is the first step, followed by acceptance of authentic wants and needs, and skillful action to attain them in the face of personal, societal or cultural obstacles.

Use Your Pen, Heal Your Pain – a 6-week session healing process for women using expressive writing, reading and mindful listening, and group sharing to process painful experiences and reintegrate them as resources for growth and healing.

Humanly Holy – a 6-week session process for women to uncover the sacred essence within you. Grounded in scriptures from various traditions, we will experiment with techniques to access the divinity that dwells beyond the ordinary human mind.

Expand Embodied Capacity – a 9-week session process for women to create space for the expansion of embodied capacity, and to learn to regulate body, mind and emotions based on insights from the polyvagal theory. Together, we will liberate the constricted energy of joy and curiosity thwarted by stress, trauma and social conditioning.

A Warrior’s Rest – a 3-week yoga-infused process for women engaged in social justice causes to discover how embodiment, relaxation and meditation can help us cultivate courage and determination that do not tire, alchemize fear and rage into love-driven passion, renew the body through restorative rest, and infuse the mind with clarity of vision and purpose.

Multiracial Exploration Group – a 6-month series of monthly sessions for women who embody diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural identities but appear as white, Anglo-Saxon. We will explore how white supremacy and privilege infiltrates our consciousness but also robs us of the gifts of our ancestors. Authentic living is seeing and being seen accurately in the fullness of our multiple identities.

Yoga Sadhana – private sessions to develop a personalized practice of yoga and meditation available on request and designed to meet your particular physical, psychological and spiritual needs. If you want to explore yoga for yourself, you may sign up for a 30-day free trial at OMstars using my code OMSTARSINGE. When you register, you gain access to thousands of classes by more than 175 teachers from various traditions. Classes are organized by categories including yoga therapy, philosophy, chanting, lifestyle, spirituality, pranayama and meditation. Visit my profile to see my philosophy, meditation and teacher course offerings.

About Me

For those of you who don’t know me well, I am a clinical social worker, tantric hatha-yoga teacher in the Himalayan lineage of Sri Vidya, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and DBT specialist who is passionate about blending ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience to empower people to heal body, mind, and spirit from the effects of extreme stress. I offer resiliency-enhancing healing strategies that incorporate community, cultural, and ancestral resources. As a social worker, I am guided by principles of respect in the dignity of each person, helping those in need, challenging social injustice, and reducing hierarchy and power-differential to partner with others in our mutual quest for healing, liberation and transformation. I aspire to offer a decolonized, anti-racist, feminist perspective that honors the struggles and celebrate the strengths of those who have not received benefits from the privileges assigned by a society dominated by white-supremacist patriarchy. My origins are Nicaraguan-German, and I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English (with a sprinkling of French and Portuguese learned along the way). I received asylum in the United States at the age of 17 but consider myself a citizen of the world. I have yet to learn German, but I love to chant in Sanskrit as part of my spiritual practice. My passions are travel, hiking, nature, learning, teaching, writing, healing and spirituality. Visit my website for more information.

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