• Inge Sengelmann

2020 Year-End Reflections

We can all agree that 2020 has challenged all of us and maybe forced us to rethink our priorities in life. I had effectively closed my private practice in Golden, Colorado at the end of last year, having had a premonition of things to come. Nevertheless, as we all moved to work on Zoom, I resumed offering personal sessions and case consultations to Somatic Experiencing (SE) students, as well as psychotherapy to former clients who returned for support during these extraordinary times.

I also started teaching virtual yoga and meditation classes, offering workshops, and delivering training sessions on various platforms. Additionally, I assisted Dr. Peter Levine and his legacy faculty in a number specialized post-advanced SE trainings, as well as my spiritual teacher, Yogarupa Rod Stryker, in certifying yoga teachers to teach ParaYoga Nidra, an exquisite spiritual and healing practice. As 2020 comes to a close, I wanted to give you an update on where you can find me in the new year and up to the time when we successfully return to a post-pandemic life. The events of 2020 have provided a time of self-examination to unpack my complicity in white supremacy, to integrate disowned parts of my heritage and heal ancestral traumas, and to inventory my talents to discern how I can best serve humanity. I've decided that going forward I will limit my practice to consultation and supervision of somatic psychotherapists, body-workers, and yoga teachers who want to understand the effects of trauma (including ancestral, racialized and oppression trauma) and to incorporate techniques for self-regulation in their work. The goal of holistic healing is to optimize the integration of body, mind and spirit, and to support coherence at all levels of being. I aspire to hold a decolonizing, anti-oppression, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal, culturally empowering stance that seeks to honor the gifts and strengths of culture and ancestry. To that end, I will continue to educate myself so I can dismantle all the ways in which I might perpetuate harmful worldviews. As a mind-body healer and integrative resilience educator, I will facilitate individual and collective resilience through education, experiential practices and coaching. I vow to espouse a collective and holistic healing approach that centers around community. Medical and mental health professionals are anticipating a wave of medical/ICU trauma (both in providers and patients) and ICU/ventilator PTSD. I'm grateful to have trained in SE methods to heal near-death experiences, medical/surgical and transgenerational traumas that may emerge. Of course, the programs that I offer will in some way incorporate the tradition of Somatic Experiencing as well as the Vedic, tantric and yogic philosophies and practices that have blessed my life. I hope to see you at one of my upcoming 2021 programs offered personally or in partnership with groups such as Paraveda Meditation, Global Collective You, Live by Living, and OMstars, where you can find my teacher training program on trauma, the gunas and the polyvagal theory as well as meditations, a course on emotion regulation, and practices to manifest your intentions. Have a happy and safe year-end

holiday season. Blessings, Inge

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