• Inge Sengelmann

Supercharge Your New Year's Resolutions: Saturday, January 19 at Your Ashtanga yoga studio in Go

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Have you ever wondered why most New Year's resolutions go by the wayside before January is over? Most of us are unaware of the resistance we face when we attempt to change our lives. This workshop will help you identify an intention that reflects your heart's deepest desires, as well as uncover the obstacles to its realization. We will begin the practice by spending some time in meditation, self-reflection and writing to develop an intention (sankalpa) for something we want to manifest in our lives. Then we will identifying the obstacles that block us, and practice movement, breathing, visualization, vibrational sound and meditation to dissolve the obstacles and empower our intention. We will end our practice with a deep relaxation, a yoga nidra for sankalpa. According to tradition, the god Vishnu created the universe in a state of Nidra, and you will learn to access that creative power so you can realize your dreams in 2019! Investment: $40 non-members; $35/members. Register online at YourAshtanga

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