• Inge Sengelmann, LCSW, SEP, RYT-500

Do you Interocept? It's linked to good mental health...

Interoception is the perception of body sensations as they relate to physical or emotional cues that inform and form our internal sense of self. Dissociation from bodily experience, leading to a chronic disregard of the body’s needs and psycho-physiological experiences, is a hallmark of these disorders regardless of where they fall on the spectrum – starvation in anorexia, binge-purge cycles in bulimia, or binge eating in the other extreme. Recent research shows that persons with eating disorders have low interoception. High interoception has been linked to both mental and physical health. So what is one to do, given this landscape of failed approaches to address the “war on obesity” or improve outcomes in the treatment of eating disorders? I'm making the case that It's Time to EAT: Embody, Awaken & Transform Our Relationship with Food, Body & Self.

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