Embodiment Strategies to Transform your Life

Physical Embodiment through somatic awareness, yoga postures, breathing techniques, as well as mindful and expressive movement can help you feel good in your body and at home in your own skin, as well as enhance your health and overall wellness. I specialize in working with people with medical syndromes and chronic pain using Somatic Experiencing, restorative yoga and meditation. I am certified as a ParaYoga Level I teacher in the Himalayan tradition of Sri Vidya and offer private sessions to support your physical and emotional healing.


Emotional and Mental Embodiment through embodiment-based therapies designed to promote wise responses to life's challenges using the cutting-edge trauma healing modality of Somatic Experiencing, mindfulness and skills-based Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and simple yet effective self-inquiry processes from the science of yoga. My work is grounded in principles of embodied cognition, affective neuroscience, and the yogic model of the mind. 

Spiritual Embodiment to integrate the transcendent with the mundane and allow your spiritual endeavors to help you reach your highest potential as a human being.  Learn how your body is the gateway to practical spirituality, and how all the powers inherent in the universe reside within you. As Tantric Hatha Yoga teacher in the ParaYoga & Sri Vidya traditions, I can train you in meditation techniques to harness your lifeforce and connect to the light of your soul. Classes available in various venues including on this website's Book Online, at Paraveda Meditation, or Global Collective You.


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On Sabbatical from the practice of psychotherapy until 09/01/2022

Tel: 305-788-6857

​E-Mail: inge@embodyyourlife.org 

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Pranic Healing Yoga & Meditation:

Private yoga and meditation training including hatha yoga, tantric meditation techniques, mantra japa, restorative yoga & yoga nidra for healing and spiritual growth;  philosophy of yoga & empowering intentions through self-inquiry using Four Desires methodology based on the book by Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

Zoom Online Consults:

  • Individual and group case consultations for Somatic Experiencing students, healers, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, yoga teachers who want to understand the practical applications of the polyvagal theory, integrate a psycho-spiritual approach to healing, work with post-COVID syndrome and near-death experiences, and understand the wounds of oppression, white supremacy, racism and colonialism. 

  • Somatic Experiencing for chronic pain and medical syndromes, transgenerational healing, near-death experiences

  • Transgenerational ancestral lineage healing and Four Desires life purpose 9-12 week programs

  • Use Your Pen/Heal Your Pen writing for healing workshops that integrate meditation and self-inquiry

  • ParaYoga Classes & Workshops: tantric hatha, restorative yoga, and yoga nidra to integrate body, mind and spirit and connect to your Soul